:: About Raya Solutions

Raya Solutions was established to provide high quality software solutions to its clients. Today, high-quality ‎is considered the main problem clients are facing with software providers. Raya Solutions is committed to ‎help in solving this major problem. ‎
Rays Solutions is dedicated to the assessment, consultation, design, and implementation services in all ‎areas of software solutions. As a technology-neutral professional services company, Raya Solutions assists ‎clients in selecting best of breed services and tools for customized solutions across various industry ‎sectors.‎

Why Raya Solutions?‎

• Quality: we are committed to provide our customers with the best quality solutions. ‎
• Time Gain: we are committed to provide our customers with reliable and robust software ‎solutions with the shortest possible time.‎
• Dedication: our people are committed to work with the company for the longest period of time, ‎and in return, they are fully dedicated to their careers and customers.‎
• ‎ Client-Centric: we are committed to provide tailored solutions as per our clients’ specific needs.‎
Our vision is to empower our clients to fully utilize their software solutions, and in turn, improve the quality ‎of our software solutions to secure better benefits for our clients’ resources.‎
Our Mission is to achieve our vision by the following:‎
• Build a continuous partnership with our clients
• Provide high quality software solutions to our clients
• Provide continuous training to our clients
• Maintain our customers and employees

:: People

We consider both our employees and our clients as our partners. We believe that this partnership should ‎lead to win-win situation for all parties. Our employees grow and advance in their careers as the company ‎business grows. This model allowed us to hire high-quality professionals and to maintain them for a long ‎period of time with the company. In return, this is being reflected on our clients with an improved quality ‎for our software solutions and better support.‎
Raya Solutions concentrates on building a unified, client-centric culture among our team. Working with ‎Raya Solutions starts with a complete employee orientation to transform this culture to the new ‎employees.‎
Rays Solutions staff members are among the top professionals in the software industry, with many earned ‎prestigious certifications related to this field. Many of the staff members are over 10 years of experience.‎